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Padmavati Home Cleaners takes pride in presenting itself as a registered company that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cleaning products. Headquartered in Thane (Maharashtra), the company is known as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of different kinds of home cleaning products like air freshener, detergent cake, detergent powder, dish wash liquid, dish wash soap bar, glass cleaner, green concentrate floor cleaner, liquid soap, perfume floor cleaner, premium detergent cake, premium detergent powder, toilet bowl cleaner, and white perfume floor cleaner, which it makes available under the brand name of “Adishan”. We also provide world-class housekeeping services along with different kinds of cleaning machines. We believe in supplying quality products Read more...

  • Featured Products

  • Adishan Dish Wash Soap Bar

    Shelf Life: 1year

    Feature: Remove Hard Stains, Skin Friendly

    Usage: Dish Washing

    Packaging: Paper Packet

    Colour: Blue, Green, Sky Blue

  • Adishan Liquid Dish Wash

    Feature: Remove Hard Stains, Skin Friendly

    Packaging: Plastic Bottle

    Form: Liquid

    Packing Size: 1/2 Litre, 5 Litres, 25 Litres, 35 Litres.

    Detergent Use: Kitchen

  • Adishan Air Freshener

    Shape: Spray

    Feature: No Gas Air Freshener, Various Fragrances

    Usage: Office, Room

    Packing Size: 300 ml, 5 litres, 25 litres, 35 litres.

    Packaging: Hygienically packed bottles

  • Adishan Perfume Floor Cleaner

    Brand Name: ADISHAN

    Application: Floor Cleaning

    Color: Pink, Sky Blue

    Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle

    Form: Liquid

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